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The Benefits of Home Health Care During the Holidays

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Home health care is a service received by roughly 12 million elderly and disabled individuals each year. These services give a wide range of support from light housekeeping to necessary medical care. Their help is always valuable. It is even more useful to family caregivers during busy times, such as the holiday season.

Here are the top nine reasons Home Health Care will make your holidays shine brighter.

Keep You On The Diet Track

‘Tis the season for food mishaps and sugary indulgences. This year let your aide keep you on track. A home health care professional offers direction on what treats might conflict with your medications.

Make Travel Possible

Many elderly or disabled individuals cannot travel long distances. Family caregivers often sacrifice seeing long-distance relatives or friends because of their responsibility to the loved one in their care. The help of home health care now makes it unnecessary for people to choose one person over another.

Help You Feel Your Best

It is easy to get distracted during the hectic holiday season. Especially when surrounded by all extra obligations and festivities of the season. Home care agencies will select an aide that is knowledgeable about your schedule and medications to keep you feeling your best.

Time for Preparations

Many holiday tasks like decorating, baking cookies, and addressing holiday cards become a chore. Time is freed up by home health care providers because they offer transportation to medical visits, help with daily personal care and assist with some meal preparations.

Help You Keep In Touch

If your family is far away, let the aide mail your gifts, help you address your cards and even find ways to talk to them when the time comes.

Reduce Holiday Blues

Depression is a serious problem for seniors. Depression is typically increased during the winter and over the holidays. Many elderly people feel the pain of loss as they recall celebrations of the past.

Having a health care aide visit each week is a great option for people that are not ill enough to require full-time medical help. The presence of the home care provider relieves some of their seasonal loneliness and makes it possible to watch their wellbeing.

Offer A Friendly Face

The holidays are not an easy time for everyone. A home health aide will be a friendly face that means you feel less alone this holiday season. Your aide can even help you make a holiday dinner to remember!

A home health aide is there for you all year round, but having that extra pair of hands will be especially nice come holiday time.

Enjoy the Events

Many schedules are filled with religious services, holiday parties, and local community events during the holiday season. Home health care services do the hard work so that family and friends have the freedom to use their time with their loved ones.

Keep Them Home

Elderly and ill patients are very sensitive to the health concerns that arise in the winter. The flu, colds, and other respiratory conditions are dangerous to anyone with a weakened immune system. There are added risks when flu season occurs alongside the physical strains of keeping a busy holiday schedule.

Home health care tracks the well-being of their clients. They make certain that all health needs are met and offer extra medical care when illness strikes. Their help makes it possible for many elderly and disabled people to remain at home rather than being forced to stay at a hospital until their health improves.

At-home care also lessens the amount of time spent at a clinic or in a doctor’s office for routine care and checkups. Which in turn, reduces the amount of exposure the patient has to infections and could reduce the risk of becoming ill.

Superior Senior Home Care offers a complimentary consultation with an advisor to help you determine your loved one’s home care needs. To schedule your free consultation, call 805.430.8767 or contact us online.

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