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Increase Senior Independence With This Fall Risk Checklist

Falls cause serious injuries like hip fractures, broken bones, and head injuries – all of which lead to a decrease in abilities. With more than 1 in 4 seniors falling each year, simple fall prevention tips can make a big difference in your older adult’s safety and independence.

We found a free checklist from the CDC that estimates your older adult’s risk of falling and what’s causing their fall risk. It also provides information so you can discuss specific concerns about real-life situations with their doctor.

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The fall risk checklist alerts you to falls before they happen

The CDC’s fall risk checklist has 12 simple Yes/No questions that assess your older adult’s fall risk.

It asks about their history of falls, how steady they feel in real-life situations, medications, and mood. If they score 4 points or more, they’re probably at risk of falling.

If the score shows that your older adult’s fall risk is high, talk with their doctor as soon as possible. The completed checklist gives the doctor a better idea of which types of movement or other issues are increasing your older adult’s fall risk.

When the doctor has more information to work with, they’ll be able to make better recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of falls.

The checklist also summarizes the top 4 ways to prevent senior falls and includes quick tips on exercise, medication, vision, and home safety.

For seniors, independence and safety are both important

Step 1-Speak Up
Talk openly with your healthcare provider about fall risks and prevention. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines.

Step 2-Keep Moving
Begin an exercise program to improve your leg strength and balance.

Step 3-Get An Annual Eye Exam
Replace eyeglasses as needed.

Step 4-Make Your Home Safer
Remove clutter and tripping hazards.

Having an in-home care professional in their home will not only cover all these steps with them but also ensure that they’re as protected as possible from fails, slips, trips, medication mix-ups and dietary needs.

Superior Senior Home Care offers a complimentary consultation with an advisor to help you determine your loved one’s home care needs. To schedule your free consultation, call 805.430.8767 or contact us online.

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