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How At Home Senior Services Can Help with Multiple Chronic Conditions

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Nearly half of adults in the United States live with at least one chronic illness. Chronic illnesses are any condition lasting a year or more. Sometimes they require ongoing medical attention. Often they limit daily living activities.

These conditions include a broad range of physical illnesses such as; arthritis, asthma, respiratory illness, diabetes, and heart disease.

The benefits of treating those with chronic illness at home are powerful. Most people want to be treated or recover from illnesses in the comfort of their homes.

Here are 8 ways Superior Senior Home Care, the experts in at home senior services in Lompoc, can improve the outcomes of those living with Multiple Chronic Conditions.

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Cost effective care

Overall, home health care lowers the cost per client by 44% compared with hospital-based treatment. The cost to family caregivers is also lowered by 23%.

Improved quality of care  

Above all, at home senior services may lessen client incidents, such as, the risk of falls or medication mismanagement.

Decreased hospital and facility stays

Clients who use at home senior services spend, on average, 31% fewer days in intensive care hospitals and 28.43% fewer days in a rehabilitation facility.

Increase in “healthy days” 

Home care clients report an increase in healthy days over a 12 month period.

Better care transitions

In an in-depth review of 34 studies it was noted that, on average, 27% of client readmissions were preventable. In other words, with home care intervention, hospital readmission within 30 days lessened between 12% – 17%.

Control over health

Clients using home health care note feeling more “in control” of their health and better able to manage their conditions. Because of the one-on-one clinical care, they are receiving clients get to keep more of their independence.

Improvement in activities of daily living

Home care clients expressed improvement in activities of daily living, such as grooming, dressing, and bathing.

One-on-one care and support

As a result of being treated in their own homes, clients expressed more trust for their health care aides.

Superior Senior Home Care, the at home senior services in Lompoc and surrounding areas, offers a complimentary consultation with an advisor to help you determine your loved one’s home care needs. To schedule your free consultation, call 805.430.8767 or contact us online.

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